About me

Hello! I am currently an M.S. student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, majoring in Computer Science. I am very eager to learn about most to all topics within the realm of Computer Science and Mathematics, most notably problems that deal with optimization and efficiency.

I find that I really enjoy when things are optimal, and the process to find the most efficient way to implement things (whether it be an algorithm, data structure, or mathematical process) is something that has always appealed to my personality.

My curiosity on matters related to these fields propels me to be persistent about solving problems, and I try to be very scrutinous when analyzing solutions or proposed solutions because it is inherent to my personality. There is a sense of joy I receive when I am able to understand all of the intricate workings of a system, regardless of how large, or small, the system is.

I think another strength of myself is my ability to teach. I am a large proponent for the argument that not being able to teach a subject to a person who is not familiar with a topic is indicative of not fully understanding the topic yourself. Richard Feynman was largely an inspiration of mine for adopting this mentality, and now I find that when I learn things, I try to think about what it would be like to explain it to someone else, and the idea clicks much easier.

I implore you to email me at jbettencourt10@gmail.com if you would like to talk about anything at all. My email is particularly empty most of the time, and an email that is from a human being once in a while would be a nice change of pace.

(NOTE: This website is still under construction. I will be adding more content soon! Please bear with me!) :^)